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Interested in learning how to find colleges that will actually compete for you? Want to learn how to boost your financial aid package to include more grants and scholarships and less loans? Or are you completely lost when it comes to narrowing down your college selections?

Join me for my intensive workshops where I’ll show you exactly how to research and apply to some of the best colleges without leading you or your family into major debt! I’ll show you how to attend out of state schools at a fraction of the cost, and how to set yourself up for success in college.

To register simply submit the form below and you will be contacted with further details. You can also send an email to tamika@nextgenerationgraduate.com.

The following 2 workshops fill up quickly:

Selecting & Applying to College Strategically

  • Learn how to properly research colleges using the most effective online tools
  • Learn exactly what colleges of your choice are looking for and how to tailor your applications accordingly
  • Learn how you can attend out of state colleges at prices even below local state schools
  • Learn how to position yourself to receive “free” versus “borrowed” money for college
  • Learn the most common mistakes made on the FAFSA and how they could mean 1,000’s of dollars!
  • Learn exactly what you should be doing to prepare for fall applications and how to strengthen your SAT scores and personal statement
  • ….and lots more

Community College Transfer Planning: Avoiding the Most Common Mistakes

  • Learn how to score the best registration date possible, which is Golden!
  • Learn exactly what courses you need to take and when you should take them
  • Identify lower-division GE and Major courses that you will need to transfer to the college of your choice
  • Learn strategies for ensuring that you get the classes you need in a timely manner
  • Learn the most common mistakes that CC students make which can tack 2 to 3 more years onto your education.
  • Learn the steps that must be completed your senior year to enroll in Community College
  • Learn about Transfer Agreements and how you can be guaranteed admission into a UC
  • …and lots more!

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