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Are you in a quiet panic right now about college?

Maybe you’re wondering how you’re going to pay for college or if you’ll be accepted into your dream school. 

You’re in the right place.  I’ve spent over 10 years helping students shatter the mental roadblocks that stand in the way of their college dreams, and have picked up some golden strategies along the way that I’d love to share with you.

As a student I have attended some of the best universities (UCLA), private colleges (Westmont College), state colleges (CSULB) and community colleges (Santa Barbara Community College),  I acquired a number of inside tips and strategies that are specific to each type of school. I teach students how to scour and capitalize on the numerous resources available to them on campus and in the local community.  I also show students how to apply to colleges strategically, without going into major debt.

As a student I faced a number of challenges in my transition to college. The GOOD NEWS is that I learned to beat the odds, and feel strongly that you can too.

My sole mission in life is to help enlighten ALL students to their greatest potential and life purpose. I know that when given the right resources and support, you gain the confidence needed to pursue exactly the life that you desire.

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