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Community College Transfer Planning:

Did you know that starting your college career at a community college is one of the best (but trickiest to be fair) strategies for getting into the college of your dreams? Many students balk at the idea of starting at a community college, but your stakes of getting into an Ivy League or Top Tier college dramatically increase as a transfer student, and you WILL save $1,000’s of dollars in the process. I will show you how!

A CC transfer session is guaranteed to shave years off your community college education. Many students enter community college with the expectation of transferring within 2 years, only to encounter significant delays. Remediation courses, overcrowded classes, and lack of a solid educational plan WILL end up costing you more time and money. This is where developing a strategic transfer plan becomes crucial! A community college transfer session includes the following:

  • Exploration of career and major interests using online tools/assessments
  • Comprehensive evaluation of transcripts
  • Coursemap of lower-division GE and major courses for transfer in a timely manner
  • Transfer planning for the Ivy League–Honors/TAG program review
  • Identify special needs and campus resources
  • Extensive review of articulation agreements and transfer requirements for up to 3 private colleges
  • A look at the long-term benefits of attaining an A.A. in addition to B.A.
  • Development of strategic support team on your campus that will help you achieve success
  • Strategies for landing the best registration dates
  • Strategies for scoring higher on placement tests

Community College Transfer Sessions are potentially life-changing!

1 hour strategy session $100

– includes brief overview of above topics. You WILL gain greater clarity and direction by the end of your session in the form of an initial graduation plan.

3 hour strategy session $250

– hours can be broken down into 3 sessions and will include more extensive planning and review of each of the topics listed above. In addition to an extensive graduation plan, you will get up to 3 call-free cards, which allow you to inquire about specific situations that might arise.

A small investment up front with the intention of correcting course when it comes to your education WILL save you more TIME and MONEY! I have witnessed enough educational blunders to GUARANTEE this.