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You’re In! Now Here’s What You Need to Be Successful in College Posted on:Monday, April 24th, 2017


Let’s take a moment to celebrate your acceptance into college… WOO HOO! You did it! There’s no doubt it took an incredible amount of hard work and dedication to get into college. And now that you’ve been accepted, it is imperative that your hard work and dedication continue and even INTENSIFY!

The Art of Time Management

To be successful in college, you must master the art of time management. In college, how you use YOUR time is entirely up to you. This is liberating, but it can also be hazardous for someone coming straight out of high school. Learning to effectively plan your day will reduce stress and anxiety, eliminate last minute cramming, and create a positive life-long change.

Seeing into the future

On the first day of class (dubbed by many as “Syllabus Day”), you will be given an introduction into the course and go over a syllabus of what is planned for the quarter or semester. You will have set dates when readings or assignments are due and when exams will be given. As soon as you get these dates, mark them on your calendar! This will set you up to plan accordingly during the term.

Planning Ahead: Long-term and Short-Term

A monthly planner will you help you schedule upcoming things, like due dates and exams for your classes. From there, you can schedule time to study or work and even time to relax and have fun. This is going to help you set goals for the term and hold yourself accountable to get them done. Another great idea is to also have a weekly planner. This will help you lay out exactly what you have to do for the upcoming week.

Course Load of a Freshman Student

As an incoming college student, you must decide how much of a course load you can realistically handle in order to be successful. You do not want to burn yourself out! Keep in mind that you should spend 3 hours outside of the class studying for EVERY unit you take. If you’re a full-time student (say, with at least 12 units) that is 36 hours a week that you need to dedicate to studying or doing coursework. With self-discipline and proper time management and studying skills, this can be done!

You have already successfully navigated through high school, but trust when we say that college is an entirely different world. Knowing what to expect and effectively managing your time will set you up for success. You can do it!

Do you have a college success tip? Tell us in the comments below!

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